First, overview

Now it is ubiquitous that people are electroed by high-tension cable when working on large mechanical tower. In order to ensure the security of electric power, workers, communication engineering construction, and equipment, non-contact intelligent alarm system suitable for heavy machinery- alarm on electric danger for construction machinery\ pressure alarm on engineering machinery is invented according to the requirements of large machine. This is a large mechanical equipment to prevent high voltage electric shock accident when working.

Second, the working principle of the electric alarm

The electric alarm will analyze the received front-end monitoring signal, take out 50 hz power frequency signal, eliminate interference signal after digital filtering and analyze its signal strength. When it reaches the preset value, a wireless alarm signal will be sent to the receiver, which will alarm when receiving the signal alarm, prompting the user that the equipment is close to high voltage, please pay attention to safety. The early warning system works only for more than 220 v 50-60 hz power frequency voltage. The warning circuit can confront the interference by stable and reliable digital filter. But it should pay special attention that: the electric alarm has no use on DC, high frequency or static. The electric field around overhead single stable has high detection sensitivity, and this equipment is mainly used for detection of outdoor overhead lines, detection voltage can be adjusted according to the needs n production.

electronic anti lost alarm.

Third, electric alarm’s main functional features

1, the alarm distance can be set up. Alarm distance has relationship with heavy current voltage, the higher the voltage, the larger power frequency caused will be. You can set up different voltage grade through different processing network in accordance with the relevant state requirements.  When it comes to installation, pay attention to the Angle, direction, and shield, etc.

2, support various voltage levels. Such voltage grades as 10 kv, 35 kv, 110 kv, 220 kv and customized voltage are available.

3, wide application. Can be used on overhead working truck, aerial work platform, hoisting machinery, cranes, crane and the car seat.

4, far transmission distance. When there is wireless and is barrier-free, the communication distance can be up to 200 m.

5, flexible power supply. Sending and receiving module can formated in DC24V power supply, or battery power supply.

6, flexible and varied ways to alarm. Open contacts, which is closed when alarming. The total CAN number can be increases and there are 485 interface control outputs.

 Philips In Sight hd wireless baby monitor is a product which can let parents observe baby’s movement during work time. They can know the condition od baby through smart phone/tablet.  Even at night, by night vision function, they can also have a high-quality video observation, observing your baby anytime and anywhere.

Through the WIFI / 3 g / 4 g network, using Android and IOS APP smart phone application to have real observation at home. You also communicate with each other by the phone APP. You can also continue to listen to the voice through the monitor in the case of mobile phone locked model.

Best caregiver Philips wireless baby monitor

One of the distinctive features of In Sight is the ability to transmit 720 p high-definition video, and such a high-definition video is enough to let people carefully observe the child’s every move without fuzzy picture. When entering the night, you can open night vision mode and light infrared lamp which can capture the child’s action in a dark night.

In Sight hd baby monitor is also installed with sensor that can detect the indoor temperature and humidity. When indoor temperature is too high or too low, it will give corresponding hint, so parents can adjust the temperature according to situation. In addition, it can also take the initiative to push the change of the voice, once someone entering or noise, APP can take the initiative to send the change to your mobile phone,assuring you even when you are not at home.

Many users found that if they used the mouse to replace the traditional telephone, they would have more choice, and the price was cheaper and had a good quality. With the popularity of the broadband internet, these manufactures would use the video compression technology through the internet, while the video door phones naturally became to be an incidental choice.

Video Door Phones on dhgate

Now, the instant messaging is ever-present and everywhere. More importantly, the free downloads are universally welcomed. Connect the computer with a webcam and a headset, then install several commonly used application software, you can talk with your friends and families at home, even you can see their face.

The AOL launched its instant messaging software 5.5, this version had the audio and video capabilities. Users just need to click their friends contact list, if the other side are using the same software,you can stat to talk. Similarly, the Yahoo and Microsoft also added the video capabilities into its instant messaging software. The iChat AV software of Apple computer also can receive the friends’ video with a high quality and the audio signals, and it is compatible for use with the AOL’s instant messaging software, so users can select the more talkers.

The Michael Gartenberg said, “now, with the development of technology, the instant messaging and telephone functions are becoming increasingly blurred and confusion, which is a masterwork of technology extension.”

How to control?

1. The core component: the stability of semiconductor alcohol tester

2. The software algorithm of sensor dealing, error compensation caused by the changes of temperature and moisture and error correction.

3. The controlling craft and device of manufacturing professional alcohol tester.

4. Whether the mechanism of follow-up error correction of alcohol tester can be provided.

Stability and precision of alcohol tester

The semiconductor alcohol tester is very popular in the present market. All the semiconductors have the common problems: the bad stability and selectivity, the more times they are used, the more insensitive they are.

The above three problems will affect the precision of alcohol tester. If the manufacturers have no professional knowledge about sensor and controlling crafts and device of manufacturing the sensor, those three problems will not be solved let along the precision.

 The HD all-in-one machine core is the sources where the HD high-speed ball, and the most core element. Since the Hitachi launched the first 720P HD movement DI-SC110_C, which marked the hd high-speed ball comes to public formally. Subsequently, Hitachi 1080P DI-SC220-C, DI – SC120 – C720P hd fog-through machine, 2013 great product DI – SC221 – C1080P hd through fog machine, and SONY FCB – the H10, FCB H11, FCB CH6300 appeared one after another, which constantly promote the development of hd Speed Dome Cameras.

In the past two years, with the progress in high-definition image processing technology, the domestic manufacturers master the independent image processing technology of monitoring by adjusting the image processing chip parameters, to improve the color of the output image reduction degree, clarity; Into the 3 d noise reduction technology, to improve monitoring effect at night. Moreover, because the wavelength of visible light and infrared light is different, in a scenario with visible light, the ball machine prone to virtual focal problem.

The breakthrough of the all-in-one machine core technology will facilitate the development

At present some mainstream manufacturers by focusing algorithm optimization, intelligent judgment, bright and dark areas in the image, can do one-time get together, will not repeat the focus, improve focus on the difficult problems. In addition, through the intelligent motion is focused on the algorithm, optimization algorithm for moving object focus, focus speed faster, focusing accuracy is more accurate.

Manufacturer to apply these techniques to their respective development movement, and as the manufacturer since the grind machine core technology breakthrough, some domestic machine core has been in the same level or even excess the foreign mainstream importing camera core in low illumination, fog-through and telephoto.

With the breakthrough, people can enjoy more enjoyment that brought by the cameras.

 When it comes to the situation of the video monitoring and the NVR application, we should talk about a product, that is the IP camera, which has a 15 years history. The IP camera has an important position in the wed application and hd development, and has become a firm choice of the users. With the IP camera and video resources, what is the next job? A device to store the video source data?

    From the conception of the grand security, the whole monitoring system, including  front-end acquisition, video transmission, video compression, video display, data record, data control and so on, all around the centralized management, centralized control conception. The grand security not only include all video monitoring equipment, video monitoring and its application, also including the use of more and more centralized management concept, the ultimate goal is to achieve all customer needs, and to simplify the customer’s operation, however, to achieve security as the center, video, data center, integrated control center, and a conception that make all peripheral devices and the center connect with each other.

Step into the category of NVR and experience the combination of NVR, IP camera and the grand security system, we can conclude the role of the NVR in the network, fully digitalization, HD, intelligent applications, and we can also make out the development direction NVR technology.

     So in this era of security, the  NVP becomes very popular in the IP network, thus it deserves more attention from the crowd.

Everyone likes to be a spy

People like spy movie such an 007or mission impossible,not only the exciting plot but also the different kind of spy property.

1. The pen scanner

The agents are always hope with the fastest speed to get confidential documents, the scanner can quickly scan confidential documents, but the problem is the volume of the scanner to enough small.

Planon DocuPen RC800 is a new pen the size of the scanner, memory is 8 MB, priced at $300, making confidential documents especially security.

Scanner is built-in a microSD card slot, used for extended memory.

But through the USB interface easily transfer files.

2. Miniature CMOS DVR SuperCircuits production PC208 miniature CMOS camera broke the world record keeping.

The size of the camera is less than 0.33 inches, smaller than a dime.

The camera has 1/4 inch color CMOS chip, 15000 pixel resolution, resolution 380 line, from its size to see, PC208 is absolutely lovely camera, which sells for 150 dollars.

Baby monitor  with mobile phone or tabletWithings Smart Baby Monitor

Withings Smart Baby Monitor has the most functions. It has a variety of inner sensors, and is the only one to use battery as power source. It also supports the local blue tooth connectivity with strong application. It is also the most expensive one.


Folding design makes Withings outstanding among other monitors. It can use the base fixed or use the attached clip to fix it to the baby bed, but we do not recommend you to do so. Anyway, addimh a thing at the baby’s bed is not a good practice, after all, your baby learns to stand up, and one day it will become within reach.

Withings, has some special things, which is lace in our tested monitors. The first is the temperature and humidity monitor, and second are double radio microphones and a loudspeaker which can let you play default or customize a lullaby, or chat with you baby. It comes with a small night light which allows you to change the color and an infrared night-vision light.

In remote monitoring, its rechargeable battery is very useful. You can put it away and then to grandpa and grandmother, and then open it to continuos use at home, very convenient. If you often take your to several places, it can remember up to three different wireless networks, and make  automatic connection when necessary.


The installation and use of the IP camera

    The V – IPC1002 is the first generation of stellar electronic network camera, it has been listed for many years. its configuration includes independent image processor;  it can combine the video camera and monitor function with the Internet network connectivity, extensibility organically, and don’t need to install and professional skills, the user can easily connect the v – IPC1002 network cameras with home network. V – IPC1002 is a interior network camera equipped with cloud platform cruise function , and have good night vision function, so it can conduct all-weather indoor large Angle monitor and video recording.

ip camera zoom.html

   The VS-IPC1002 also integrates the alarm input/output interface, and provide users with flexible security system integration platform, allows the user to the largest extent of the integration of their intelligent security solutions, and to obtain a more comprehensive security protection.

    I/O input/output terminals, is used to connect home burglar alarm, the professional security equipment such as infrared sensor alarm, let these security devices forming a powerful intelligent supervising and monitoring system.

V – IPC1002 has a  reserved CF card slot, which is  convenient for the users to store local image, if need to use the dynamic image detection alarm function, it is necessary to install CF card. This device can support a maximum CF card 2 GB capacity. Dynamic image detection is a kind of video technology, the network camera to scan at home, when found that moving objects (for example, people who walk) it will trigger the alarm, the camera will send to the master the home photos by E-mail

 Actually, the general security and protection system is in an extensive expansion phase. And it the past most users highlighted “monitoring coverage” and didn’t emphasize the advance warning, with the mature of the digital monitoring, the HD monitoring becomes the focus of the cameras; more clear becomes the need of the suers; but the intelligence in the past didn’t achieve a 100% precision rate, the users have this kind of need, but there are rare such kind of products; while the multiple-systems combination conception and application becomes more clear. In the 2012 CPSE, most merchants emphasize the HD/intelligent/combination. Which means the security monitoring will enter a new stage in 2013.

wireless gsm security alarm system

HD/intelligent/combination, these three words have become very popular in the past few years. But for development, the HD developes best; even though HD and intelligence have did to a degree, but there are no satisfying products in society. Most exhibitor said that they will not advocate the smart products unless there is a 100% smart product, because even 1 0.01% error will bring them tremendous work; and they think that the interaction of combination is mostly shown in the sub-systems and there is no authentic integration.

With the rapid development of the security monitoring, the three elements will be emphasized more, so the relevant enterprises should emphasizes these three elements.